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Available Worldwide
Here’s What People Are Saying:

Sandra M

Following the program long-term has led to improved sleep, reduced cravings, avoided surgery, more energy, increased motivation, more pride, released 80 pounds, lost 50 inches and went from size 26 to 18 . . . what more can I say?

Christina and Bill M

We have learned a whole new way of life and love that the program focuses on every aspect of wellness from sleeping to keeping active.

Doctor Supported

" . . . an easy to follow plan that makes sense."

Dr. Al Sears
The 4 Weeks to 4REAL
Weight Loss Program  . . .
. . . is a unique new diet and lifestyle system that  guarantees to help you lose body weight!

In a nutshell, in only 28 days, you can accomplish a lot of simple, safe and sustainable weight loss because eating in accordance with your unique body type is the fastest, most effective way to experience the types of results our other wellness/weight loss clients have discovered:

  • Increase your body's METABOLISM and move toward HORMONAL balance
  • Boost your ENERGY levels
  • Increase MENTAL clarity
  • Release 9 or MORE POUNDS of body weight
  • Slim down 1-2 DRESS or PANT sizes
  • Lose INCHES of FAT from your HIPS, BELLY & BOTTOM
  • Take CONTROL over your BODY SIZE forever!
What you get with the
4 Weeks to 4REAL Weight Loss System . . .
Metabolic Makeover Guide
In the Metabolic Makeover Guide, we cover what creates obesity and how the 4Weeks to 4REAL Weight Loss program creates lean. In addition, the guide gives essential information on metabolic typing, along with a survey to determine your own body type.

Finally, you’ll get  cleanse guidelines, nutrition basics, supplement tips, and suggestions on how to harness attitude and sleep to maximize your weight loss efforts.
Metabolic Menu Blueprint
Here you find all the specifics on your optimal fat-burning fuel mix. You’ll get personalized shopping lists to support you in following the daily menu plan template and discover clear guidelines on what to eat, how much to eat and when to eat.

You learn how to calculate your unique fuel mix and then how to evaluate results so you can personally tweak nutrient percentages as needed. Sound complicated? It’s not . . . the handy dandy pie graphs and evaluation chart lay out the steps, simply and easily.

Metabolic Activity Handbook
The Metabolic Activity Handbook details the four varieties of activity required long-term for health and wellness. And it gives clear and specific directions on the two types to include, for maximum targeting of obstinate body fat, during 4 Weeks to 4REAL Weight Loss.

Not a fan of exercise? Not to worry! Our Stop and Go and Make Some Muscle activities are fun, easy and done in 70 minutes or less per week! They can be done in your home or community park with minimal equipment and modified for pretty well wherever you are on the weight and exercise spectrum.

4 Weeks from 5 Minutes From NOW . . .
One of the many excellent things about the
4 Weeks to 4REAL Weight Loss program is that it is available in PDF form. That means you can access it by instant download in 5 minutes or less!
Creator of the 4Weeks to 4REAL Program
Brenda Wollenberg BSW RHN
Along with the time factor in receiving "hard copy" program materials, we often find that potential clients let price get in the way of them pursuing wellness and a healthy weight. We do not want that to be your story.

Today we're offering the 4 Weeks to 4REAL Weight Loss program for
 . . .  only $47.  

Realize we typically charge thousands of dollars for our one on one weight loss coaching programs and that for $47 you will rarely get a nutritional consult or personal training appointment (in fact, barely get a coffee a day for a month!).

And with none of those do you get a "results" guarantee like with the
4 Weeks to 4REAL Weight Loss program.
Gain Health and Release Inches . . . or it's FREE!
If you follow the 4 Weeks to 4REAL Weight Loss program as directed and don’t experience increased energy and a metabolism boost resulting in a release of 9-12 pounds of body weight or 1-2 inches from your waist or drop 1-2 dress or pant sizes, just contact us anytime in the next 60 days and we'll give you a full refund and our appreciation for giving 4 Weeks to 4REAL Weight Loss a sincere and truthful try.
It’s not a magic bullet and it will require dietary change and less but smarter exercise. But it means you
get to eat:
 Eat REAL food
Create a shapely REAL body and
Gain REAL health . . .
. . . all at the same time.
What's next? Just click on the Add To Cart button below and download the complete 4 Weeks to 4REAL Weight Loss program.

Thanks to our instant PDF download the whole system will arrive in your inbox in less than five minutes.

The way we see it, you have several options at this point. You can leave this page and continue to stay your current weight or continue to struggle to find a program that works for you or you can choose to take action. Action that will cause you to release a significant amount of body weight over the next 28 days.

Click the Add to Cart button, read through the manuals, give yourself the gift of sincere and committed effort . . . and be amazed at the results you will see in just days. And as we mentioned, if you follow the program, as designed, and don't get results, just contact us and we'll refund your investment into wellness and a healthy weight, no problem.
Available Worldwide
Comments? Success stories? Questions?
Just pop us an email at [email protected]
We look forward to hearing about your
4 Weeks to 4REAL Weight Loss success!
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