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Last Updated on September 12th, 2016
Who, What and ?
Becoming a Happy, Healthy Weight You is simple . . . be passionate about your wellbeing and want to change your future! This page answers some questions, however, on how to translate that simple passion into easy steps to change the way you shop, cook, eat, exercise, sleep and think!

For more information, take a quick peek at our FAQ below.

Like what you see? Then get started NOW and let us help you lose inches and gain wellness and an inheritance of health!

The In Balance team

Who is the Ideal 4 Weeks to 4REAL Participant?

The ideal participants for our In Balance 4 Weeks to 4REAL Weight Loss program are older teens and adults who are open to support in dealing with the emotional and/or physical contributing factors to their overweight or obesity. Our participants come from a variety of cultural backgrounds and income levels, and have a range of interests and abilities (that means if you don't like to cook, shop or exercise . . . we've worked with people just like you!). They all, however, are ready for a simple way to wellness and a healthy weight!

What do 4 Weeks to 4REAL Participants learn?

The 4 Weeks to 4REAL Weight Loss program covers, in a very practical and helpful way, the BALANCE principles that are foundational to overall wellness.

Body type - how not to fall into the "one size fits all" lifestyle trap
Attitude and emotions - attitude is everything; choose a good one!
Laughter and play; good stress management tools
Activity; what's the best type of exercise for my body
› a good Night's sleep; get enough!
Clean water and air; good sources
Eat for health!

Who is Brenda Wollenberg?

In Balance's founder is a nutritionist, former social worker and specialist in natural wellness programs for children, teens and adults; has been featured on TV and podcasts; and has had articles published in numerous magazines. Author of Overweight Kids in a Toothpick World, a practical weight loss manual for families, Brenda has recently redefined the path to both child and adult wellness by creating In Balance Wellness and Weight Release Programs, safe, simple and sustainable systems that combine home learning modules, online support and, for some programs, weekend live intensives.
Frequently Asked Questions
Why should I use the 4 Weeks to 4REAL Weight Loss program?
This journey can be challenging, and you only want to take it once! In IB’s 4 Weeks to 4REAL Weight Loss program, we address the contributing factors that make it most difficult for teens and adults to achieve and maintain an appropriate weight, and provide tools to support participants through this simple but sometimes rigorous transition to better health.
Why have obesity rates skyrocketed?
The primary reasons for childhood and adult obesity rates today are intake of processed, nutrient-depleted foods; misguided national food guides that do not recognize that a one-size-diet works for no one, and creation by the food industry of chemical bliss points (specific combinations of sugar, fat and salt) that contribute to overeating and food addiction.
Why am I overweight?
Many factors contribute to excess weight in teens and adults but the simple answer is most likely because you are not getting proper nutritional intake, in the correct-for-you proportions, to maintain a balanced state of health. As well, the ratio of physical activity to sedentary activity is often heavily skewed toward sedentary activity. We’ve gone from the “feast & famine” cycle to merely “feast.”
Is it safe to intervene regarding a teen's excess weight?
Teens are affected daily, both physically and emotionally, by their excess weight. And with each passing day, their future health too is being compromised. A lack of intervention creates negative results--why not intervene and, instead, create positive results? We believe you love your teen enough to help him or her get healthy in a safe and caring manner.
What is In Balance's approach to help release excess weight?
We believe participants should first look at the areas within their control: intake of real food in their particular unique fuel mix; smarter-not-harder exercise; sufficient and sound sleep; simple stress management tools; examining attitude and emotion AND increasing fun time! With strategic lifestyle adjustments you can release excess weight and gain good health for a lifetime!
What makes In Balance so good at dealing with obesity?
We recognize that each participant is different and needs a unique set of guidelines, goals and motivators to help them achieve their wellness objectives. IB’s strength is in its ability to: translate the “whys” of unhealthy weight gain; explain the “hows” of effective weight loss; and design the “what” of a successful journey to a healthier life.
I'm a vegetarian or a vegan. Can I do 4 Weeks to 4REAL?
Absolutely. Follow the guidelines in the program for a carbohydrate body type and concentrate on using the protein sources that fall in line with your dietary principles. We still recommend that you take the Body Type Survey, however, as it will give you indication if you naturally do better on animal or vegetable protein and give you a good idea of the percentages of carbohydrate-rich foods, protein-rich foods and fats that make up your ideal weight loss fuel mix.
Does the program include expensive or hard-to-find foods?
The dietary component of the 4W4R program is comprised of REAL food that you purchase from your local grocery store, farmer's market or big box "all in one" store. Typically the high quality fats we recommend cost more than margarine and poor quality oils and if you are a protein body type and require a higher intake of animal products that will cost more than beans, but when you cut out junk food and processed food, those savings can go toward purchase of the higher quality foods in the program. Because you are more satisfied, you will find yourself eating less of the more costly nutrient dense foods and will find the volume of more cost-effective vegetables used in the program helps balance the budget as well.
Do I need to purchase supplements?
We recommend two particular supplements and a helpful protein powder and give you links where you can purchase them online. While the nutrients these natural whole food supplements provide support the body in losing weight more efficiently and effectively, they are not a required part of the program.
How much exercise will I need to do?
Because we advocate a "less but smarter" exercise approach in the 4 Weeks to 4REAL Weight Loss program, you will be encouraged to be active (i.e. enjoy walks with a friend, take your children on a bike ride) but are only required to do about 70 minutes/week of exercise. It is easily fit in during the first 15 minutes of your favourite TV programs or before you start your morning routines.
How much does the 4 Weeks to 4REAL Weight Loss program cost?
The 4 Weeks to 4REAL program has been offered as an add-on to other In Balance programs for up to $247CAD but can be purchased today for only $47US.
Will I get a copy of program material in the mail? 
No. Because the program is available by immediate download, it will be emailed to your inbox in less than 5 minutes from when you buy the program. By using PDF emailing rather than snail mailing, we keep program costs low, are more environmentally responsible in our program delivery and ensure you can start 4W4R virtually instantly!
What is the 4 Weeks to 4REAL Weight Loss program refund policy?
If you follow the 4 Weeks to 4REAL Weight Loss program as directed and don’t experience increased energy and a metabolism boost resulting in a loss of 9-12 pounds of body fat or 1-2 inches from your waist or drop 1-2 dress or pant sizes, just contact us anytime in the next 60 days and we’ll give you a full refund and our appreciation for giving 4 Weeks to 4REAL Weight Loss a sincere and truthful try.
Available Worldwide
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